• Holy Week Schedule

      The Easter Triduum begins with the evening MASS OF THE LORD'S SUPPER.  Join us for this beautiful Liturgy commemorating the institution of the Eucharist.  Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament continues after Mass until Midnight.  There will be a brief prayer service closing Adoration at 11:45PM.
      GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 18 — 12:10PM
      This is the CELEBRATION OF THE LORD'S PASSION.  This is the most important of all Good Friday services.  There are three parts: Reading of the Lord's Passion, Veneration of the Cross, and Holy Communion.  Come and be with the Lord for an Hour of Prayer.
               — 7PM
      This evening celebration is a quieter and more reflective celebration of THE SEVEN LAST WORDS/TENEBRAE.  A series of readings concerning Christ's passion are proclaimed with psalms and hymns.  After each of the seven last words, a candle is extinguished, until the entire church is dark at the end of the service.
      The EASTER VIGIL MASS is the greatest and holiest Mass of the Church Year.  It does fulfill your Sunday Mass obligation.  At this Liturgy, the Easter fire is lit, the Easter Candle is blessed, the congregation lights their candles, Holy Water is blessed, the congregation renews their baptismal promises, our candidates are confirmed  and Alleluia is once again sung.  Don't miss this wonderful celebration of Christ's Resurrection!
      EASTER SUNDAY MASS, APRIL 20 — 8AM and 10:00AM
      Come and celebrate Christ's Resurrection!
      [10:00AM Mass on Easter Sunday will be at St. Patrick Church all other services will take place at St. Mary Church]
      All this Lent, we have been reminded of the hand of God throughout human history, powerfully guiding us away from sin.  Humanity started so well, there in the Garden of Eden, until an afternoon of sin ruptured the relationship between God and humanity. It was a downward spiral for us.  Constantly, we rejected God, but the Father never gave up on us.  Instead, he sent his Son to save us.  And what happened on the hill of Calvary, where death seemed to win and Satan have the final say, really was a new beginning.  Life was won for us there on the Cross.  Jesus' death opened for us the possibility of a new and closer relationship with our heavenly Father.
      This new beginning is a road of sorrow and a way of joy.  It is a road of sorrow because we are asked to do what Jesus did: give our lives in service to him and our fellow human beings.  That can entail much suffering on our part.  In other words, we are asked to walk the same path as Jesus.  But, this is also a way of joy-eternal life is ours as a reward for our faithfulness.  There is hope to be had on the hill of Calvary.  There is life at the foot of the Cross.  As we walk with Christ through Holy Week, take time to imagine what it was like so long ago when our Lord made the supreme sacrifice to heal us of sin.  Put yourself back into that time and place; take part in the Holy Week Services here at the parish; let the majesty of Holy Week bring the Father's loving mercy to your heart.


      Sincerely in Christ,
      Msgr. Eric R. Barr

      Every parish has financial obligations, including the basic operation of the buildings, salaries, maintenance, and improvements.  In addition, there are schools to support, programs to run, charities to be funded, and operational expenses like hosts and wine for Mass, music books, vestments, and so on.  In some cases, cemeteries and other buildings need attention.  Finally, there is the diocesan assessment that each parish pays to help run the diocese and the support services provided to each parish.

      Most parishes manage to get by with the collection, a few fund raisers and bequests.  But contrary to popular opinion, cash flow is also a problem, and many parishes operate in the red.  The Finance Committee is responsible for assisting the pastor in fiscal management.  Good stewardship is the basis for successful programs.

    • Parish Registration
      Why should you register?…To become part of the St. Mary/St. Patrick Church family.  If a parishioner is not registered, it is difficult for us to issue testimonial letters, recommendations, references, etc.  If we are to testify to your ability as a sponsor for Baptism, Confirmation, or witness at a Catholic Marriage, you need to be registered.  Parish registration is necessary before arranging a Baptism, Wedding or enrollment in the Religious Education program.   All new families are welcome at St. Mary/St. Patrick Church and should be registered in the parish.  Registration should begin as soon as possible.  If you are new to the parish and wish to become a registered member, please call the parish office. To register call the Parish Office 815-248-2490.
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      PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PHONE NUMBERS by calling the Parish Office at 815/248-2490 or placing a note in the collection basket, ‘Attention Judy’ with changes. It is difficult to reach families for RE items, ministry schedules & parish activities.

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      We, the Catholic Faith Community of St. Mary/St. Patrick, called by Baptism to be a visible sign of Christ's love, commit ourselves to witness to Jesus Christ's Gospel call to spread the word of God through the celebration of the sacraments, through the practice of Christ's law of love and through personal growth and relationship with Jesus Christ.